In November of 2003, Mike Free, Matt Leslie and Kevin Mallory were approached by the Fountain Of Life Church to create a 30-minute historical tribute video for the Church’s “25th” anniversary banquet the following February.  With little else to do and looking for any excuse to neglect their homework, the three 19-year olds pounced on the project.  Matt had completed many shorter videos, and Mike and Kevin had shot a movie for their high school film festival every year for the previous four years but had never tackled a documentary before.  Thirty interviews later the three found themselves in the middle of a editorial quagmire: having jerry-rigged three computers, running two different consumer-grade editing programs, the three battled computer crashes,  software glitches and insomnia for weeks on end, even going on shifts to work 24/7.  Laying off the final (error free) tape two hours before the banquet, “Visions of the Past:  The Story of Fountain of Life Church,” premiered February 27th 2004 to a very impressed audience.

Immediately after the screening, the three turned their focus back to their classes at College of DuPage.  Additionally, the editing system they had assembled was essentially rendered unusable by a few decimating crashes leaving the film unable to be exported to DVD and the Super-VHS Lay-off was not of sufficient quality for duplication.

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